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Top 10 Career Options After 12th Class

Top 10 Career Options After 12th Class

Choosing a career option is the toughest situation for everyone. It is very important to choose an option which is according to the interest because everyone’s future depends on it. There are many career options in medical, engineering, journalism and management fields after higher secondary. It is your decision which option you want to choose and which college he want to join. For the selection of the career option guidance is very important for everyone so that they can take a right decision. Everyone can take the help from their elder brother/sisters, teachers or there is also guidance programs which provide the adequate information to you. Internet is also an option because it is the source of vast information.


Management studies are in demand at this time. These studies also provide the high growth options. Management students have the opportunity to go in the big companies which also provide the heavy packages to them. These studies also helpful, if anyone wants to open his own business. There is one requirement for this, admission in the top colleges which can offer campus placement so that you can get a good job. The admission in the best college is possible only if you will get good rank in the entrance exam.The courses which are offered by the management studies are BBA, MBA, PGDBA etc. the entrance exams which a student have to qualify for the admission are CAT and MAT.

Fashion designing:

Choose a career option in fashion designing is good for everyone. There are number of institutes in the country which provide fashion designing studies. Our youth is very careful about the fashion and this is the career option which has no end. So if anyone has great interest in this field can choose it as a career option. There is the high demand of the fashion designers in foreign countries also so they also have the opportunity to go outside the country and earn good amount of money. Fashion designing can be done in dresses, shoes, handbags and in watches etc.

Animation/web designing courses

Animation courses provide many career opportunities to the students. There is a big demand of animation courses in the market. They provide many graphics, multimedia, animation and web designing courses in which everyone can make their career. There is also no particular requirement for these courses. The students of any field can join animation/web courses.

Academic studies

If anyone wants to do become the masters in the higher studies then he can simply do the bachelor degree and after that the master degree. If anyone wants to become a teacher, scientist, or interested in the research work then he can do the academic studies. The academic courses for the science students are provided in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. The for the arts stream academic courses are mainly in English, geography, political science and history. The commerce students can do their academic studies in accounts.

Defence services

Everyone can also join the defence services after 12th class. For this everyone have to give the NDA entrance examination. The exam is conducted by the union public services commission every year. The basic requirement of this exam is that you must have to completed intermediate with maths and physics. If you will qualify the exam only then you will get the opportunity to join the Indian army, Indian air force and Indian Navy etc.

Top 10 High Paying Jobs in India

The sectors which provide “Top 10 High Paying Jobs in India”

There are different sectors and each sector pay different salary packages to their employees. There are some sectors which paying high amount of salary.
1.Management jobs: Management jobs are the highest paying jobs in the country. There are many big companies which provide the large amount of salary packages to their employees. The salary package of these companies is from 20 to 24lakhs per annum. The most important thing which is required for the job is skills. There are large number of colleges/institutes which gives management studies but the best institutes are IITs and IIMs. Every year the students of these institutes get selected in the top companies and get good salary package.
 2. Banking sector: Banking sector also provide the high salary packages. There are different posts in banks like CEO, directors, managers, clerks, analysts etc. The salary packages are different for the different posts. The highest salary package of theCEO is up to 26 lakhs per annum. The CEO of private sector banks takes the higher package than the government sector banks.
3.IT companies: IT companies provide the good salary packages to the employees on the basis of their experience and skills. The salary package of a fresher is from 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per annum. The package increases with the experience. They provide the package of 3.0 to 6.0 lakhs per annum to a software engineer and 6.0 to 13.0 lakhs to a project leader. The program manager gets the package up to 19 lakhs.
4.Chartered Accountant jobs: There are number of jobs for a fresher chartered accountant. The salary package of a fresh chartered accountant is between 5-7 lakhs per annum. As the experience increases he can get up to 24 lakhs. There are various opportunities for a CA like auditing, banking, financial management and tax management. If a person has any additional degree of management then he can get higher package.
5.Oil and Natural Gas Corporation: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation also pay high salary packages to the employees. In the first, they give salary package around 6lakhs per annum. With the experience an employee can get up to 20 lakhs. There are also many jobs provide by the ONGC, Bharat Petroleum ltd. and IOCL. The highest salaries are paid by the private companies like Reliance energy and British gas etc.
6.Medical field jobs: Doctors can earn as many as possible. The profession of doctors is full of money. The private sector doctors can earn according to their choice. If a doctor have specialization in a particular field like surgeries or other modern techniques used in the medicine then he can extra-large amount. The minimum salary of a fresh employee is up to 6 lakhs per annum. Another profession in this field is dentist, which are in demand and get a good salary package.
7. Aviation jobs: There are also many jobs in airline sector such as air hostesses, ground staff and pilots. The salary package of airline is also good. The average salary package of pilots is up to 9 lakhs. The air hostess gets the salary package up to 6 lakhs. 5-6 lakhs are earn by the air traffic controllers.
8.Law jobs: This is a public sector job and the salaries to the employees are provided as per the government norms. The experienced and national law school graduate can earn 10-15 lakhs. Those who start to work as a private advocate can earn according to the number of clients. There are also legal departments in various MNCs which also pay good salaries.
9. Corporate jobs: The job of a business consultant is to understand the client requirements, research industry according to the client’s requirement, find data points to support the business case, do analysis, documentation, recommendations and business presentations for the client. In this field an employee can earn up to 18 lakhs with the experience.
10.Journalism jobs: There are many journalism program provided by the various institutes. There is also good career growth scope in this field. The salary package is also sufficient for the employees. The starting salary package is 3.0 to 6.0 lakhs. An employee can earn more salary with the experience.There are various types of jobs which are provided by the journalism sector like broadcast journalist, editor and lexicographer etc.

Top 5 Workplaces in India for Government Job Seekers

Complete Guide on Top 5 Workplaces in India for Government Job Seekers

Most of the people want to get a good job.  The government sector jobs are mostly preferred by the people than the private sector. The reason behind this, the government sector is basically concerned with the services provided to the public and not with the money. Job security is also a reason. Under the government sector there are also number of fields like banking, civil services, IT, defence and railways.

Banking sector- This is the best and top workplace for any person. Banking sector provide number of career opportunities. Every year government declare many job openings in banking sector. There is large number of banks in India, these banks also provide variety of jobs like officer, clerks and assistants and peon etc. The criteria for the different posts are different. Some jobs can be provided on the basis of graduation while some on the basis of higher secondary. The process of the recruitment starts from the written test and after that interview. Only those people will be eligible for the interview which will clear exam.

Civil services- Civil services is the main sector of the government. There is also large number of departments which provide variety of jobs. Civil services provide job security and also provide various types of facilities than any other job like healthcare and conveyance. If a person wants to get a civil service job like IAS, IPS or any other civil service then he has to clear the competitive examination. Union public service commission conduct exam for the civil services which provide the job at any place of the country. Like this, if a person wants to get a job in state civil service then he has to clear the state public service commission test which is conducted by the particular state.

Railways- Railway sector also provide various job opportunities to the candidates. There is largest network of the railways in India. Railways also provide large number of job opportunities. It also provides the job in IT sector like the junior engineer etc. There are also other types of jobs in it like ticket collector and ticket checker etc. For this, it is also important to clear the written test on the basis of which the candidates are selected for the interview. It also provides good salary.

IT – IT sector also provide different jobs. IT sector contain government as well as private jobs. In government sector it provides the job in telecommunications and networking etc. Its private area is very vast. In private sector, there are various IT companies which provide job in the computer fields.

Defence Forces   – The armed forces or paramilitary forces are an attractive career option which provides highly challenging as well as exciting experiences to you. Career in the defence services as an officer has always been associated with dignity and respect among the youth.There is modernistic equipment involved with these services and faster promotions, improved accommodation facilities and good education for your children are some added benefits with it whether you chose Indian army, Indian navy, Indian Air force or any other paramilitary force.

Which kind of job is better “Bank Jobs or other Government Jobs?”

Which is better “Bank Jobs or other Government Jobs?”

This is a complex question for sure. It totally depends on a person what he actually wants from his life. To decide between a safe and convenient government job and a rewarding and productive private sector job can be really confusing. Both the sectors have a lot to offer, the choice totally depends on your aspirations, desires, upbringing and family background.

Govt. jobs have a reputation of having a work environment which will turn you sloppy, lazy, and less productive and may even lead you to being corrupt. It becomes very difficult for a simple minded person even with great potential to survive and perform efficiently in an environment full with people involved in passing of bucks, delaying of work and shirking from taking responsibilities of work.

The whole atmosphere in a govt. job will force you to change your attitude towards work. Even if you were enthusiastic and sincere towards work in the beginning but because of the other careless people you will also turn like them. These people have a relaxed, contended attitude and don’t think of changing according to the needs of people as they are a part of public service. Even good candidates who are willing to work in the beginning lose the motivation to work and end up being inefficient. Growth in govt. jobs is very less as compared to Bank jobs.

Govt. jobs basically have an environment where even if you have worked hard your responsible attitude will not be rewarded or noticed. Most of the workers in a govt. job are relaxed and careless regarding the work and therefore they take it as a threat if any person is working hard. Therefore they try to create hurdles for that honest employee and try to demoralize that person also.

Though I would still repeat that the choice between Bank job and Govt. job totally depends on what you want out of your life. Though govt. jobs have issues regarding work environment but if you are fine with it then there are a lot of accompanying benefits with it like spacious houses with almost insignificant rent along with continuous supply of utilities, vehicle with fuel allowances, domestic help, medical support and a good work life balance. Though we still have the much desired job security associated with govt. jobs but the pension factor which was supposed to make your whole life secure is no more included with govt. jobs.
Bank jobs on the other hand may be more rewarding. They may be paying more in hand and have a very efficient work environment. Bank jobs also come under private as well as public sector. But even the public sector banks are far better than normal govt. jobs. They have comparatively better job security than normal private jobs. Salary and promotions are based on the performance of the person and therefore people get inspired to work hard and achieve more. The whole work environment in Banks is exciting and action packed where new innovative ideas are welcomed and you will get appreciation for your enthusiasm for work.

Benefits of Filling online Application forms for Government Jobs

Complete Guide on: Benefits of Filling online Application forms for Government Jobs

Filling out the application forms online is the easiest and most secure way of applying for the examination than any other sources. If you apply manually for the exams, on a written form you cannot make any changes on the form without ruining your form moreover, you have to take the pain of getting it submitted to the provided address. Or you need to apply again. This will charge you more and there are also many chances that the form is cancelled. You also will don’t get any kind of acknowledge or receipt for the receiver of the form.

However, you can avoid all these shortcomings and opt for filling the application form online.

Government has made it convenient for everybody by providing an opportunity to fill the application form for government jobs online. It not only saves times but also is a more accurate way.

Benefits of filling the application form online as compared to filling manually on paper

  1. You can easily make corrections in the online form by deleting what you have entered and retyping. However, when you fill the form manually you cannot make can any changes; you have to get a new form, as cuttings or changes are not allowed in the written form.
  2. Filling form online saves your time as writing often takes more time in typing. Also, you have to personally of to get as well submit the form. Whereas, all of this can be done online easily in just one click. You don’t have to go anywhere to get the form or for submitting it.
  3. You can easily review your online form after submitting and keep track of it. However, it is not possible in written form.
  4. You receive your hall ticket online. So, if you misplace it you can get another print easily.

Things to make sure before filling an online application

  • Read all the instructions and conditions for filling the form carefully before starting. Make sure that you have the right form and category you are applying for.
  • It is advised that candidates should fill in their forms personally because you know more about yourself and there less chances of making mistakes.
  • Make sure you have all the documents required like photograph, signature, marksheet etc. scanned, to be attached along with the form.
  • Check the last date for submitting as it may be different than the manual form.

Procedure for filling the online form

  • Enter the field in the require format i.e. capitalized or sentenced case.
  • Double check your details that they are correct. Also ensure that your address and phone number, and email address are entered correctly and are valid so that there is no difficulty in correspondence. The email address should be working because your admit card will be sent online to your mail.
  • The information entered must correspond with the details on your documents.
  • Complete the form and make sure you have not left anything, especially the mandatory categories. In the columns that are not applicable to you enter N/A.
  • Do not forget to attach the required documents or photograph and signature.