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Why is it so hard for young people to search jobs these days? We will answer this question for you.

When we study this question, three sets of problem come to our mind. What are these problems and how to solve them? Given below are problems faced by each unemployed individual and ways to solve them-

  1. Inappropriate Skills Set: Youth Unemployment may partially be the result of mismatch between the skills that young adults possess and what their workers desire. Younger individuals already have less experience and training. Even individuals with college degrees may not possess the appropriate skills the employers are looking for. The Govtjobadda.com gives you daily tips and tricks from professional HR consultants to excel in job interviews without proper skills required for the job. After practicing you will gain confidence to face the tough competitive world and answer the interviewers boldly.
  2. Government Regulations: Government is subsidizing various educational reforms and is giving grants to more and more people to go to school for learning programs, but this does not grantees future employment. Other government generated issues include minimum wages law, overtime payment mandates, payroll taxes, healthcare regulations and unemployment insurance. All of them make it more costly to employ labor. When it is more costly for a firm to hire workers, employers hire fewer workers. Some of these causes may not be immediately obvious. Companies do not want to take the risk of hiring workers who are not working out as desired, as they don’t want to take any chances. Therefore, firms are particularly reluctant to hire young workers who are likely to have no experience at all and do not have any employment record to prove that they’re reliable.

You do not have to worry about these issues, as at Govtjobadda.in we offer you guidance to impress your employers with your personality, confidence and presentation skills.

  1. Uncertainty: There are many reasons for the employers to feel uncertain about the future of the company. For example, they might be experiencing slow economic recovery after a major financial crisis. Another factor that impacts the cost of the company is healthcare reform. All these result into uncertainty which makes employers more conscious before hiring co-workers. We, at Govtjobadda.in, provide you directions to prove the employers that you are their perfect choice for the future.

What is GovtJobsAdda?

GovtJobsAdda is an online marketplace that helps you to find the best suitable job match along with other features. We at GovtJobsAdda offer free services to the job-seekers, to help them to prepare for job interviews along with the weekly current affairs update. Not only this, we also provide a searchable list, to our members, of the latest job openings in different sectors like- Banking Jobs, State Government Jobs, IT Jobs and Teaching Jobs.

Not only this, we also provide notifications of upcoming Government and Central Common Examinations as well as requirements and procedure for applying to these exams.

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